I'm a graphic designer and commercial photographer working within the sports industry in Queensland, Australia. 

I love all things design and image related and have a genuine passion for the industry. 


Graphic design and photography is where I like to focus my energy. I've been working in design and photography for over 15 years and have worked for clients like MBUK Magazine, Future Publishing and Sony Music Australia. I have a solid background in print and digital design as well as photography and retouching and love to combine all of my skills in my projects. 

Recently I've developed a keen interest in motion graphics and video which I hope to develop and showcase moving forward.


Originally from Scotland I have been living and working in Australia since 2014, spending the past 3 years on the Gold Coast. This is where my love for the ocean was given a chance to develop. And develop it did. If I don't have my surfboard in hand and chasing waves I've almost certainly got my camera rigged up and out in the surf. 

It's a great creative outlet for me and If you would like to know more about my ocean work check out www.saltedshutter.com


Are you a designer or a photographer? I say it's all one and the same thing. The camera is just an extension of my toolset and can become a very powerful combination when coupled with my design skills. 

I see myself more as a commercial digital artist and in the future I see motion graphics forming a large part of my work.

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